09 December 2010

Too Quiet

It's 6:30 AM, and I'm just starting to hear people outside. Someone turned on a radio...I think it's the Digicel guy who sell phone cards just across the street.

But life here usually starts at 5:00...cars honking, people walking by with things to sell on their heads, people going to work. Today, the dogs and the chickens are the only ones who didn't get the memo.

It's really...too quiet. Eerily quiet.

Unfortunately, it probably means that things are still pretty crazy out there. That people are afraid to go out. 

We did have some non-quiet moments near our house yesterday. There's a large main road which runs near our house, and from our front bedroom, I could see and hear large groups of people going by from time to time. Pictures from a friend confirmed: they were overturning dumpsters, billboards, folding chairs, whatever they could find to block the street. They set stuff on fire...just before we went to bed, we looked out again, to see that the fire in the street was still going, the shops awash with orange light. I could see a column of smoke about a quarter mile away, over the palm trees and cement rooftops, for most of the afternoon.

It seems that one of my Creole "words of the week" was appropriate this week: danjere, dangerous.

Time will tell if the guys go to work today. It makes it a little easier that AA canceled flights, because it means fewer people need MAF flights, too. But we're still in the middle of cholera, and I hate to think what this is doing to people who really need help. In all honesty, I understand why the protesters are upset, and I think they have a right to be upset, but I wish they could see how much they're hurting their country in the process.

Please pray for peace here. Pray for wisdom for our boss to know how best to lead the program. And I admit that I wouldn't mind it if you prayed for us...


  1. I'm sure praying for you and Haiti!

  2. Continuing to pray for you, my friends. :)

  3. These updates are great. We too are praying for you guys and for the people of Haiti!

  4. You are in our prayers as our the good people of Haiti.