11 December 2010

Grocery Store Sneak-out

At 7:55 AM, we strategized--we would meet at the supermarket. She drove. I walked. I got there first...to find the gate closed. "You're not open yet?" I asked the guard. "Soon, soon," he said. I stood out on the street for a minute, but that made the guards uncomfortable.

"Here, come inside, and stand just inside the gate." I did, checking my phone to see if Will was coming. I stood there, feeling white. If you've ever gotten special treatment overseas, you know the feeling. Sometimes, it's not a bad one...I'd rather be inside the gate than outside it alone. I texted the other wives to let them know it was opening, and I surveyed the two-story supermarket...they've hung white twinkly Christmas lights, and it looks nice. They didn't look like they'd been looted, either, in the three days they'd been closed. This was their first day of regular hours since Tuesday, and I was determined that no one was going to beat me to the dog food. (Gracie and Onesimus are people, too, after all.)

The guard opened the gate for Will, and we waited together, a little nervously. They finally let us in around 8:10, and all told, I ended up with 60 pounds of food...not counting the dog food... OK, so that's a little embarrassing, but we were told to stock up. Turns out I'm pretty good at stocking up.

According to MAF protocol, we're prepared to evacuate, if need be. Things seem mostly back to normal today, I'm glad to say, but they could get crazy again on Monday, if the rumors are true. The guys are able to fly today, and they're having a very busy day, praise God.

Thanks for your prayers for our safety and for peace here...but don't stop yet...


  1. We are praying for you and David and all of MAF. Thanks for the update.

  2. We are praying too. Thanks for the update.

  3. My husband just arrived in Haiti, working with another Christian ministry. He is there for an introductory time, and we will both return in January for a couple years. He wrote me to see if I could find out if there are any grocery shops in PAP, so I "googled" it and your blog popped up! Could you please share with me where this shop is?
    God Bless you at MAF, we have been blessed by MAF ministry in many places around the world:)

  4. Glad to hear MAF's been a help to you! There are several around town. MegaMart is on Delmas near the Delmas 33 roundabout, on the right as you go up the hill, before the big Sogebank building. Giant is up in Petionville, between the big Catholic church at Plas St. Pierre and Rue Metellus on Rue Oge (here's a map: http://www.haiti-business.com/anglais/plan_petion.htm). Eagle is on Delmas 83, right on the corner--it's the easiest to find, but not the cheapest.

    Good luck!! Let me know if you need clarification.