06 December 2010

Christmas in Haiti

Well, it turns out Christmas in Haiti is sort of like Christmas where you are...with a few notable exceptions. My friend Will and I went to the QCS Christmas Bazaar, so I decided to bring you along with us, too. Oh, don't mention it. It was no trouble at all. :) 

 The view across the soccer field. As you might notice, Digicel was involved. (That's our cell phone company.)

 J was scared of the bounce house, but he was interested in winning candy...and only had to cheat a little.

 He was also interested in pizza. Smart kid.

 However, this was the first Christmas Bazaar I've ever been to which had a dunk tank. Also, I realized that most of my Christmas garb was centered around sweaters and long-sleeve shirts which didn't make the cut to come with us. So I wore Christmas tree earrings. You do what you can.

I did end up getting one Christmas present from my friend Shelly over at the Apparent Project and a big plant for my entryway. All in all, a good day. 

But Christmas here is pretty strange. First of all, there's not too many reminders, outside of my own decorating, that it is Christmas. We finally sang one Christmas carol in church, but it was in French, and I couldn't remember the words in English. It's sunny and 85 degrees. Christmas feels like something from another world. And honestly, I've found myself feeling a bit...depressed about it. 

If only I could go home, I keep telling God. I think I'd feel better if I could just be somewhere else. This really doesn't seem like the place for me, I tell Him...not at Christmas, anyway. 

And gently, though not in words audible to human ears, I heard Him ask me a question back:

Whose place would you rather be in? 

How about K, grieving a husband, a newly-single mother? 
How about J, fighting cancer, mostly losing? 
How about W, whose father is ill? 

How about the girls I did sewing class with at the orphanage? 
How about someone living in a tent?
How about someone with cholera? 

That's when I decided that I might have an attitude problem...so I'm working on it. I put up more paper snowflakes and bought a wall hanging with a word I need to remember: "Joy." As a friend put it, you can find Christmas in Haiti...but you have to remember Who started it all. 

Hope you're enjoying the season, wherever you are...or aren't.

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  1. You will be very much in my prayers as you spend this Christmas in Haiti.