14 November 2010

A tour of our kitchen

I made this video for you last week. You're welcome. :)

As always, if you want to watch it bigger, just click on it to watch it on YouTube.


  1. Oh, what a lovely tour! You KNOW how I love to "see" where my children live :) Your kitchen looks spacious and well organized. It is interesting to see some of the things that are part of a third world lifestyle. David is clever to have hooked up the light to indicate the availability of city power! Looking forward to seeing everything in person and cooking with you :) Love, Mom

  2. Since I know I will never get to Haiti it makes us feel like we are there. Your kitchen is wonderful and seeing all the necessities for life in Haiti was very interesting. Keep these tours coming.
    Grandma & Grandpa

  3. Aw, makes me feel like I'm at home. Is my room still ready? ;)

  4. Any time, kiddo. Any time. :) And that goes for you, too, Grandma. My yard needs work!

  5. Hey guys! Cool kitchen. God bless y'all!

    Jay in Vancouver