04 November 2010

In the Waiting

It's tense out there.

The streets seem more crowded that usual, probably due to school being canceled. More people in a hurry, honking, impatient. The grocery store opens at 8:00. When I got there at 8:15, there were about ten cars in the parking lot. When I left, it was full. What were they buying? Drinking water. Bread. Milk. Pop. "Hunkering down" stuff. Settling in for the wait.

My dogs are restless. Barking at every passerby, wrestling in the driveway, panting. Onesimus, our castaway that we've adopted, has stationed herself by the back door, Gracie by the front. Both would like to come in the house, but that's not going to happen...unless it gets really bad. They should be safe in the garage...what do I do with dogs during a hurricane? The internet was unhelpful.

The wind has been waffling between a steady breeze and none at all. It's dusty on the road, but it won't be for long--they're forecasting five to ten inches of rain, with up to fifteen possible. I walked down to try to get diesel for our fourth fuel container, but they were out. (That actually happens a lot here.) So we're rationing the fuel we have for our generator, in case city power doesn't come on. We do have a battery system, but it needs to be charged regularly.

I feel unequipped. I know I'm ready for this hurricane, but I don't feel it. My previous life didn't really prepare me for this...because in my Oregon life, my disaster checklist went like this: candles; canned food; blankets; firewood; flashlights; etc...and here, the checklist translates like this: I already use candles regularly. I cook with propane, so canned food is unnecessary. I haven't used a blanket in six months. With a fireplace, there's no need for firewood, and my solar flashlights stay regularly charged. I've enough food for what feels like an army.

What am I forgetting? Probably nothing, but all I can do is wait.

Please pray with us in the waiting.

P.S. The storm will probably knock out our internet, so if you check the blog and we haven't posted, that's probably why. We'll try to get word out once it passes.


  1. praying!!
    Your fist hurricane experience!

  2. Praying for you! Also praying that it will swing away from Haiti. Sounds like you're as prepared as you can be. Will be waiting here, too, to hear from you afterward. Love, Mom

  3. I'm praying for you and David and all of Haiti.