05 November 2010

In the Aftermath

Well, praise God, we were waiting for a storm that never came. Never came to Port-au-Prince, that is...some of the outlying areas are experiencing flooding, like in Leogane. The airport was closed today, so our guys aren't working, but we should be back to regular flights tomorrow. And my guess is that there will be plenty to do!

I forgot another praise: David almost got stuck in Jeremie last night, which is one place that was hit the hardest. Praise God that he made it safely home!

Your prayers made a difference--God spared the lives of the people here because you asked Him to. On their behalf, thank you!!


  1. Thanks for posting, my heart was breaking just thinking of all my friends there. Glad that God answered prayers and that things are not as bad as they could have been.

  2. We were missionaries with MAF in Haiti in 1987-1990 , even then Haiti was a rough place to live. We were so worried about this storm, so glad it missed Port. Thanks for the good news!

  3. Prayers were answered, so glad the storm didn't make a direct hit and that you are okay.