09 November 2010

Giving while...giving?

Christmas is coming! That sounds kind of silly here, where every day is sunny and 85 degrees...(it's okay to stop and imagine that for a moment. We'll wait until you're done)...but it is coming, and I know many of you will do online shopping. If you want to "give while giving," you can make your gift count double--for free.

Sounds like a scam, huh? It's not. Last year, friends and family helped our ministry earn $140 through their online shopping, and $40 of that was from Christmas alone.

Here's how it works. I'm a big Target lover, so I go to the SendThemForHim website. I usually use the alphabetical list, because it's faster. It's in the Department Store category, so I click on that, scroll down and find Target. Then I click the Target link, and I'm ready to shop. That's it. I shop, I buy, Target gives our ministry 5% back. So if I spend $20, our ministry just made $1 because I spent thirty seconds going to the SendThemForHim site before I shopped.

Here's the only catch--you have to go through the SendThemForHim site BEFORE you put anything in your cart. So if you remember and try to go back, you have to empty the cart. (I know, because I usually remember as I'm checking out. Sigh.)

So I'd encourage those of you who aren't participating in the Advent Conspiracy to let your gift-giving count twice this year. And to those who are, I say kudos and just ignore the rampant consumerism I'm touting.


  1. Christine is right; this is a really amazing and easy way to give to the ministry! I created a shortcut on my desktop to make it extra easy to get to the "Send Them For Him" alphabetical list. (Which, by the way, contains a huge array of online stores.)

    Getting to a store via Send Them For Him does not disturb any registration or membership that you might have with that store. For example, I'm an Amazon Prime member. When I get to Amazon through Send Them For Him, Amazon recognizes me as a Prime member just as if I had gone to Amazon.com directly.

    I think it's cool that we can leverage secular stores' referral marketing programs to support MAF, thanks to Send Them For Him! :-)

  2. Christine,

    We are about to start our Christmas shopping for family. Thanks for the reminder to use the Send them for Him site. Now we just need your lists. :-)

    Love and hugs,
    Jamie and the boys