23 November 2010

Giving Thanks for B

One of the things we've prayed for since before we came was good house help. See, the whole idea is still pretty strange to me...hiring someone to clean my house. Someone who works while I watch M*A*S*H. Someone to leave my dirty dishes for. It's weird. I got used to the idea more while we stayed across town, mainly because their house help was so great. Totally trustworthy, while still totally personable.

The interview process didn't go too well...no one told me ahead of time that the monthly stipend was negotiable. The first one came in talking about their Christian faith, and then offered $1,200 a month...and I wondered what percentage of my income they thought that would be. I had asked around and had a a fair figure in mind...I asked around again, just as a sanity check. Sanity confirmed, we kept interviewing...the second gal wanted 25% more than I was asking, but her personality was much friendlier. Still, I didn't have any references for her.

Then came along B. She had a personal reference from a friend. She's worked for blan (white guys) before. And what's more, I liked her. She's got a quiet joy about her that I often wish I had more of. And then I found out the rest of her story...her husband died of AIDS, which around here, sometimes means he was unfaithful. She has two girls, both in school. Not surprisingly, she thought my price was perfect, because she hasn't worked for ten years until this job.

Yeah, I have friends who've lost jobs because of the recession...but ten years. Ten years.

What's more, she's actually grateful to wash the spaghetti sauce off my plates and clean my toilet and mop my floors. Now that she's been here a while, we've developed a good working rhythm. We chat while we put away dishes together. She sings softly while she works. She knows where to find the ironing, and Gracie's warming up to her, thanks to some Beggin' Strips. I got to meet her daughter, who's studying English and was, by the way, a delight.

And when she leaves, she always says, "See you next time, God willing." It's encouraging to see how important her faith is to her...she showed me her church attendance card, and she hasn't missed a Sunday in over a year. She prays for my health, too...and I pray for her, that her husband's AIDS will never find her or her girls. (And not just because I'm not sure I could live without her now.)

This Thanksgiving, I'm thanking God for B, and I can only hope I'm as great a blessing in her life as she is in mine.

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  1. I'm thankful for her too, and for they way you both make each others lives easier and better.
    Love, Mom