24 November 2010

A conversation in the market...

Picture me, walking home from the supermarket. I have full bags, which I set down in order to visit my favorite gal in the mache, or open market. The following conversation has been translated from Creole...

Me: Good afternoon, how are you today?

Gal: I'm fine, how're you?

Me: Oh, I'm fine. (I gather up one lime and two heads of garlic)

Other gal: Good afternoon, madam--you don't need green onions?

Me: Not today--maybe another day. Are you going to vote on Sunday?

Other gal: Oh yes.

Me: Who are you voting for?

Other gal: I won't know until I get there. Who are you voting for?

Me: ... Only Haitians can vote. I'm not Haitian.

Gal: Yeah, only Haitians can vote.

Other gal: Well, give me a number. (The candidates are designated by numbers for those who are illiterate.)

Me: Pardon me?

Other gal: Give me a number, and I'll vote for that one.

Me: I can't do that. You have to decide for yourself. You each have to choose who you want for president.

Other gal: (Obviously disappointed) Oh. You can't tell me who to vote for?

Me: No, I'm sorry. (I pay 25 goud for my lime and garlic, about fifty cents.)

Gal: You don't need onions today?

Me: Not today. See you later.

In case you're wondering, she was not joking. I wish she was. Please pray for a good outcome (against all odds) to the elections on Sunday...

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