20 October 2010

Prayer and Prayer and Love

Every six months, MAF has a day of prayer, where we suspend our operations to ask God for many things, as well as just spend time with Him. Though today was the Day of Prayer at headquarters, here in Haiti, it was yesterday (too many flights were already schedule for today that we couldn't rearrange). Here's some of the things we asked for, as a program:
-Funding a new family who's coming to support our program through administration
-Increased safety, due to trouble with traffic, rioting, kidnappings on the rise, etc.
-That the hearts of the people here would truly want to know God and obey Him and abandon voodoo entirely.
-Effectiveness in all our efforts here, whether it's flights or building houses or teaching English.

Right now, our president John Boyd is at a conference in South Africa...normally, I wouldn't take up valuable blog space talking about something that seems kind of...mundane. But 1) John Boyd is Scottish-South African and therefore has the coolest accent ever... 2) He is a truly a humble, godly man... 3) This conference is a truly unique gathering of organizations all over the world who are trying to spread some good news. Would you pray for John and the conference in Lausanne? If you want to read more about it, click here.

Also, my English class students took their first test today, and they did pretty well! We had a fascinating conversation the other day about the difference between "worship" and "adore"...Creole doesn't have as many adjectives as we do, so consequently, the distinction between "like" and "love" and "adore" is sort of lost on them. Hence why a friend at church always tells me she loves me every Sunday. But it's okay--I love her, too.

With love and gratitude for you, too...


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