14 October 2010

The Fallout

Drinking glasses broken: two

Glass canisters broken: two

Picture glass broken: one

Mice caught: seven and holding...but the traps are still out...

Cockroaches killed: two

Meals cooked since Saturday: two (just got our propane hooked up, in time to host a guest last night for dinner)

Guys it takes to move a generator: six

Ceiling fans installed by David the wonder husband: two

Nights where we've had power: one

"Realtors" paid: two

Dogs who started out as unwanted but then worked their way into our hearts: two

Bird varieties sighted: three

Plants transferred: four

Stars seen from my bedroom window: plenty

The move-in process continues! David's working on hooking up our generator so we don't have to conserve power as much. He feels inadequate to the task, but I'm personally quite impressed.
He goes back to work on Monday, so please pray that we can get things functional before then. Also, we're having some issues with government permissions to fly our new Caravan here...so please pray that their hearts would be softened, because it would really be an amazing tool here.


  1. Dogs? How wonderful to be moved into your new HOME!

  2. Yes, dogs, plural. The previous tenants just left their dog here, so she's been slowly starving. I tried to chase her off the property, but she's pretty convinced that this is her home. Today, we bought her a collar and a bowl. I think she might be here to stay. I just hope she and Gracie will get along!

  3. You make life in Haiti so interesting, you ae a gifted writer.

  4. Still say that you need to write a book. If you are keeping a diary, that would do it. Your blogs even would make a fascinating book.