22 October 2010


It started out as an Embassy advisory--there was a diarrhea outbreak in the Artibonite region, north of Port-au-Prince. (Kind of gross, I know, but impolite diseases and maladies are just more...normal here, and therefore more talked about.) Since David does flights all over Haiti, I try to be aware of things that are happening outside of Port.

Then we find out it's cholera.

Wait. What?

Isn't that what people died of on the Oregon Trail?

Shouldn't this be eradicated by now?

The Wikipedia article had some interesting things to say. "Cholera is a major cause of death in the world." And then there were some more scary words. Ravaged was one. Pandemic was another.

Hmm. And where does this leave us? Well, hopefully, it leaves us praying and not worrying, which is pretty expressly forbidden by my favorite book. Will you pray with us? That God will comfort the 138 families who have already lost someone, that He will protect others from infection, that He will somehow be glorified.

God, you came down and healed us once through your Son, Jesus Christ. Please heal Haiti's sons and daughters now. Yet not as we will, but as You will. Show us how we can help. Remind us to pray. And remind us that we're safe in your hands, no matter what. We love You a bundle and a bunch.


  1. We will definitely be praying for healing for Haiti and for protection for those who do not have it (including Dave and you.)

    We love you.

  2. OH wow! praying for you guys!

  3. We will be praying.