25 September 2010


Yesterday, I was doing dishes when the wind started. Today, I am sweeping leaves, seed pods, dirt and water out of the gallery.

Yesterday, I heard it coming in time to pull my solar panels off the patio and my laundry off the line. Today, we hear that five people didn't make it to safety, and they died.

Yesterday, I ran to shut the windows as the rain drove sideways. Today, I notice that every horizontal pane is spotted in muddy water, but none of them are broken.

Yesterday, I called David to ask him not to drive in the storm, but couldn't get through (He still didn't drive in it). Today, I'm thankful that the many branches, power lines, and billboards in the street did not keep him from coming home safely.

Yesterday, I flip-flopped my way down my flooded driveway, soaked to the skin, to check on my neighbor, KM, who was home alone and scared and very glad to see me. Today, I hope she's remembering fondly our time yesterday, playing Boggle until her mom got home.

Yesterday, we cried over the people in tent cities, because their lives just got harder. Today, they still have nowhere else to go.

And I can't help but wonder how God's grace will be evident in all this, and what tomorrow will bring...yet, I'm listening to Matthew 6:33-34, and trying to believe that there's good things ahead.

Thanks for praying for our safety--you are being heard.

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