01 August 2010

A Mix of News

First, an overdue update--David (and most of our stuff) made it safely here from Florida!! Hooray! Thanks for all the prayers about that. Aside from a few broken drinking glasses and the things still in customs, we're a little more put-together than we were before, and that's a good thing.

Another praise: I drove in Port-au-Prince--and I didn't kill us! I did have one scary moment on a big hill in a stick shift, but it all worked out. Praise God for husband with cool heads and for protection from crazy drivers and pedestrians.

Also, we tried a new church today: Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince. It's in Creole (which is good), so I didn't get all of it, but I got more than our last Creole church. The worship at the end was good...we came in during the sermon (oops), even though we came at the time their website said they started. Their building was damaged in the earthquake, so we were all outside...and I kept getting distracted by the lovely shadows the palm trees were making on the tarps overhead. I think we will try it again next week, God willing.

Lastly, David starts flying tomorrow! He's been going to work since we got here, but it's been all maintenance and ride-along's until now. So please pray for calm nerves for him and a good, safe start to his official missionary pilot career. :)


  1. YaHoo!! So delighted that you are feeling more settled now that "home" supplies have arrived. Also heard that David took his first flight....a dream come true. We celebrate with you....Both of you are loved!

  2. read, "we tried a new church today" (got distracted...) "And it didn't kill us!!" Though that may not have been what you wrote, I remember when you thought trying a new church WAS going to kill you, so I'm glad this one didn't have the same effect :)