09 August 2010

How Things Are Now

People are asking how things are here, the earthquake about eight months behind us, rains coming down. There's a popular expression people use here, when asked how they are, that kind of sums it up: "I'm not worse."

There is slow, slow progress being made...buildings that have been condemned are slowly, slowly coming down. I'm seeing work teams in hard hats with matching shirts from time to time, trying to condense and clear the rubble. Remember, I just live in one little corner of the city, so my observations may not be true for all of Port-au-Prince. But from what I can tell, there's still a lot of suffering. From what I can see, there's still a lot of people in tents. From what I hear, jobs are down and crime is up. I haven't heard of any increase in deaths due to the rains, thank God, but we do hear about an increase in pregnancies and malaria because of the camps, and people are still very uncomfortable there. There's talk of more and more people leaving Haiti, and of people encouraging missionaries and aid workers to leave as well. Yet MAF just finished building our third pre-fabricated house with disaster relief money...there's still a lot of work left to do.

The presidential election seems to be what everyone's pinning their hopes on here...because so far, only 10% of what's been promised to Haiti in aid has come in, and most of that is canceled debt, not actual funds. The next president will have a lot more interaction with other countries and with greater resources, greater opportunity for either good or corruption. Demonstrations and rallies are already ramping up...I expect that will be the case until November. In some ways, it's a needed distraction...and in other ways, it just reminds us of what's at stake.

At church yesterday, we talked about praying for a Joseph...someone who's been appointed by God, someone who can use evil for good. Someone who will use these resources so well that other nations will come to Haiti to find out how reconstruction is done. Looking around, the only reason I have hope is because I believe God can raise up such a person. We know that all national leaders are appointed by God, and while He may not appoint a godly person, He is able.

Please pray with us for these elections, for them to be a turning point in Haiti's history. Pray for peaceful proceedings and for God's hand to be with Haiti.


  1. You are right. I will pray for a Joseph for Haiti. In the meantime, thank-you for all that you do.

  2. Thanks for helping us to understand what is happening in Haiti. I just saw a man talking on the news who wants to be president let's hope he is a Joseph.