20 August 2010

From the Ants

As some of you well know, "guest bloggers" are a common thing these days. Well, we didn't think we should be left out, so today, the ants that live in my house will be writing the blog. Enjoy!

Our plot to take over the house is nearly complete. We have infiltrated the living room and the kitchen, including some couches and the cupboards (though we have not found a way into the food. That Snapware is touch to crack). She has tried everything to get rid of us...sprays, baits, squishing, stomping, drowning, etc., but at this point, we believe we will still prevail. The Battle for the Bedroom was, indeed, a set-back...we made it all the way to the bed, but she put a stop to that with a vengeance. We have maintained a stronghold in the bathroom, where we frequent the sink. The increase in geckos has also been a set-back.

However, today, our latest push has failed. We called for back-up--two cockroaches from the customs warehouse--thinking that would surely drive the humans out. However, before they even made it into the house, a spy (fellow MAF'er) alerted her to their possible presence and she exterminated them with extreme prejudice. Drat. Will be calling for more back-up; perhaps more tarantulas.

Thanks for that, ants. By the way, David and I will be celebrating our sixth anniversary tomorrow...time flies when you're married to the man you most love and respect. We're praising God for six great years, and hope for many more to come.