10 August 2010

Case in point

We went driving downtown yesterday, attempting to get a picture taken for our driver's licenses. I got to see some parts of the city I hadn't seen before, so I took the opportunity to show you what I saw...think of it as the visual representation of my last post.

A tent city. One of many, I'm afraid. At our MAF wives prayer group today, someone mentioned that there's a ministry looking to house fifty pre-teen girls from the tent cities who are being abused. The sooner people can get out of these places, the better.

A fallen down building. Again, one of many. Our MAF driver, Dieucon, showed us where his church used to be, which is now just a pile of nothing. I asked him where they're meeting now, and he said they found a space above a store, and they're taking up a collection to rebuild. And I thought to myself, "I wonder how many of them really have money for that?"

A guy working. This is how rebuilding will happen, one guy, one wheelbarrow, one shovel at a time, by God's grace. Thanks for praying for us.
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