26 July 2010

One step closer

Just a quick update...we are starting to settle into our temporary digs in Port-au-Prince. There is a bit of news on the housing front: the family who might have been leaving in January (and thus vacating their house) ISN'T leaving in January. So MAF will have to find us a different house before the Broyles get back in January...or we will be homeless. Or rather, more homeless.

But homelessness is about to receive a karate kick to the chest, because David leaves tomorrow to get our shipment and bring it here from Florida!! I wish I was going with him, but at least I get to hang out with a new friend while he's gone. I was reflecting today about what I've missed most about not having our own stuff. Here's my list:

1. My plastic bag dryer. If you've never heard of these, and you're cheap like me, Google it. You'll love it.

2. My knives. I have nice knives, and frankly, there's just no substitute.

3. My bundt pan.

4. My cookbooks, especially More with Less.

5. My rice cooker.

6. My bread machine.

7. My nice wooden clothespins for hanging laundry on the line, as opposed to the chintzy plastic ones I'm currently attempting to use.

Okay, so apparently, I mostly miss the kitchen boxes. I'm sure there's good stuff in the other boxes, too...I just wish I could remember what it was. It'll be like Christmas in July.

"David, what are you most looking forward to seeing again from our shipment?"

"I don't know. Probably my tools. My computer monitor."

I think we could have guessed that.

Please pray for David as he goes--he leaves out of Cap Haitian at 11:00 AM EST. Also, he's renewing his flight medical on Wednesday--please pray for smooth sailing on that as well. Thanks for praying for us!!

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