25 June 2010

That's one serious castle

We finally got to go up to see the Citadel yesterday! I'm telling you more as a praise report than anything, because we've been trying to find a way up there since we got here. I don't have the time on the internet to write too much, but let me just say that the drive spawned the phrase, "The road is always smoother on the other side." (Good one, David.) The thirty-mile drive took three hours, each way, but it was well-worth it. We really couldn't believe what an amazing structure it was...even if the amazing view from the top was hidden by fog. I'll try to convince David to post some pictures next week.

--No word on our permi's (visas) yet--keep praying!
--Please also pray for the tropical depression that's headed our way...it's apparently causing some problems in Port-au-Prince (tents are blowing away--not cool)
--Please continue to pray for our shipment...we're having trouble getting it scheduled.

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  1. I am praying for your visas, a safe place for you to live and for the weather for all of Haiti.