07 June 2010

That's enough.

Okay, I don't normally do this, and I know you're feeling deprived, because I haven't done one of my narrative blogs in a while...(I am working on one, I promise)...but we have a family here who really needs your prayer.

One of our MAF families, David and Patricia and their two kiddos, just got back to Haiti about two weeks ago. On the way here from Chicago, toting their newest addition (10 weeks and cute as a button, I might add), Patricia threw out her back and has been laid out since then. That's partly why we went down to help them with their kids last week. David's just accepted the role of program manager for Haiti, and one of the big decisions right now has to do with possibly purchasing a larger aircraft for our program--a tough decision which the staff is fairly divided over. Since he's going to be the new manager, they're looking to him to make the decision.

Also, the guy who owns their house (which they love, by the way) is selling it and kicking them out. So they're trying to find a new house by the end of the month. Since the earthquake, housing prices have skyrocketed here--he can't find anything less than $2000 a month, which is double the highest price we currently rent for. Most of them are more like $3000 a month, and still need work done to make them livable.

Oh--and this morning? They were robbed. The thief was in his son's room and unplugged the baby monitor. They lost a bunch of electronics and baby clothes, not to mention a lost night of sleep. They called the police--they never came.

Let's recap: new promotion, huge decision, new baby, homelessness looming, wife laid out, and robbed.

We need to lift up this family. Those in a war always have an enemy, and I believe Satan is trying to discourage them. Please ask God for his intervention--for His protection and provision. Please pray for David to find a house quickly, and for God Himself to provide some encouragement and comfort for them.

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  1. How heart rending! I am praying for all of your saftey and also that God will provide safe places for both them and for you and David to live.