21 June 2010

I should have taken a picture

I knew it--we had our permis (our visas) in hand--and I should have taken a picture, but I thought, 'No, we're just walking down to the police department to get them stamped. We'll be right back, and then I can take a picture.'

They kept them. How can it take three days to put a stamp in a book?

Oh well. The good news is that the visa process is moving forward and, God willing, will be complete on Wednesday!! Please keep praying! Thanks!

P.S. We had a good trip down to Port-au-Prince this weekend for an all-staff BBQ. Got to see a bit more of the city and hang out with some new friends. So we're praising God for that. :)


  1. We will keep praying. Do you know when in August you will be moving?

  2. You are both in our prayers and before long you will be headed to Port-Au-Prince.