27 June 2010

A blanket thank you

As some of you know, there's a cool ministry called Send Them for Him which raises money for other ministries through online shopping. Sites like Amazon.com give back anywhere between 1% and 10% when you shop through the Send Them for Him site...which is like free money. You're probably saying to yourself, "Yeah, but 2% of my $10 book isn't going to make much of a difference." Oh yeah?

They just sent us a check for $77.

It all adds up, and some of you are clearly taking advantage of it...but of course, I have no idea whom (though I suspect the awesome administrative professionals at Rolling Hills are behind much of it--thanks, ladies!)...so I am forced to offer a blanket thank you to all who've taken the time to shop through our site. If you want to start "shop-ating" (that's donating by shopping), there's a link on the side of this page about how to get to our site and how it works.

Thanks for your prayers (and "shop-ating")!

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