03 May 2010

Apartment Pictures

Here are the promised pictures of our new apartment. We are currently living a school, where they have a few apartments. Overall, it is a better place to stay than the guest house, although it is lacking amenities, like, reliable electricity (We usually get it from 9 AM to about 3 PM Monday-Friday, if they have gas for the generator) and reliable internet, it usually works when the generator is on, but not always (And to get the wireless we have to stand outside). We are adapting though to this and overall enjoy our new place to live. Although, I have to say, I miss the internet more than the electricity.
As I mentioned before, we don't have power at night, so we use a kerosene lamp and it seems to work well. I need to see if I can purchase some jet fuel for this, as it is cheaper per gallon than the kerosene in the market.
This is the view from right outside our door. It looks over the school. Thankfully they planted palm trees, which give us a little privacy from the school, and provide shade in the afternoon.
This is our living room. It is small, yet functional. We have a bedroom and a bathroom in the back. We do have running water, and cold showers aren't that bad in the tropics.

Well, that's the old homestead. It will function for the next several months. No need to worry. Christine is keeping us well fed! Many Haitians were surprised to hear that Christine could/would cook. She is doing an excellent job, in less than optimal circumstances for cooking. Thanks honey!!!


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing a slice of Hatian life with us. :-)

  2. You're very welcome, David--I'm glad you're feeling well-fed! :)

  3. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I love the balcony and am glad that you will get to enjoy that. What is your average day like?

  4. Cool, nice broom! Amazing how such a gorgeous place could be the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. I've heard Creole is a lot like French. Does it cool off at all during the night?