21 April 2010

Moving day!

Looks like our boss found us a new place to stay, and it's even close by our old place! There's an apartment that's on the top level of a school that's nearby where we can stay. It's got one bedroom, a stove, a table and chairs, etc. We were hoping for a couch, but we'll have to settle for an extra twin bed in the living room instead...let's call it a "day bed." :)

We'll try to put pictures up here sometime soon, once we're a bit settled. But it's a little tough to be moving again, so if you could pray for us to settle in quickly, we'd appreciate it!



  1. It would be a challenge to live in an entirely different culture even without frequent moves.
    We deffinately will pray that you settle in quickly.

  2. Glad to hear that you've found a spot!!! :)

  3. Yeah for answered prayer for a place to live. We love you two and pray for you daily.