16 March 2010

Language School arrival

I wrote this yesterday--enjoy!

We arrived at language school around 9:30 our time, safe and sound. Pignon (peen-yon) is just a twenty-minute flight on the Kodiak, but it would take eight hours if we were to drive here, so we were glad for the ride! David got to sit up in front in the Kodiak, much to his delight. We had heavy rain last night, so the rivers were easily spotted from the sky. The mountains are very deforested, so they were pretty brown, but it was easy to imagine how beautiful it must have been when Haiti was a lush, green island paradise.

Pignon is pretty small--right away when we got out, we noticed how quiet and cool(er) it was, compared to Port-au-Prince. The runway is long and brown, but Mark said it's usually nice and grassy, except that the rains haven't really started yet. There were some goats and their kids running around (as evidenced by quite a few...presents). I can hear the chickens, but I haven't seen any yet. There seems to be someone with strong opinions with access to a truck and a megaphone--in a few weeks, I'll be able to tell you what he's so excited about, God willing! We both feel much more isolated here than in Port--very few people speak English, and we haven't met many people yet.

Our housing is really nice--much nicer than I expected! Our host, Neil, wasn't able to meet us today, but Mark told us that when Neil does something, he does it right. I'm inclined to agree--our bedroom is decked out with Ikea furniture, painted in a Caribbean teal that is unique in itself. The curtains are the same color, a silk-like fabric embroidered with flowers that swishes when the wind blows. The windows are the same kind we had in Port-au-Prince; screens with glass slats which rotate on a horizontal axis to allow the breeze in. We're on the top floor, so we have quite a bit of privacy. We also have our own bathroom (!) which has hot showers, and there's a nice sitting area downstairs with a white board for our language learning. His solar power system allows us to run the ceiling fan all the time, so hopefully, we'll sleep well, too.

Since Neil wasn't able to meet with us, we were really glad Mark was accompanying us. We got the scoop on meals, internet, etc., and we got to meet our tutor, Naomi. She spoke great English, which was an encouragement to us, though she's supposed to mostly speak Creole with us. Still, if we need clarification on something, I think she'd be able to give it. The only drawback to this place so far is that the internet is...spotty. At this moment, I am actually writing this offline, waiting for the internet to come on. It's not looking good.

Naomi comes tomorrow at 3:00 to start our official language studies--please pray that we'd continue to have a good relationship with her, and that we'd be able to absorb her lessons well. Please also pray that God would protect us from malaria, which is sometimes a problem here, and provide us with new friends here who can help us learn the language quickly and thoroughly. The place we're in now is temporary until the depot conversion process that Neil has started is complete--then we'll have our own apartment with a kitchen, God willing! Please pray that the process would go smoothly (although, maybe we shouldn't...I kind of like it here!). :)

We love you guys.


  1. That's great news! We're looking forward to the pictures, once your internet connection stabilizes. :-)

  2. Thanks for the update!! Glad you have a great place to live - looking forward to hearing more about the "home depot" when it's done! I'm praying for you! :)

  3. Glad to hear the blessings you're encountering as you ease into life there. Good job, on the blog, Christine.

  4. Great descriptions! It's easy to imagine what everything looks like. Unfortunately, we weren't able to open the photos nor the video. Not sure why or why not. We'll share your blogs with those who do not have internet access. Thanks so much for staying in touch so well. Our love to you, Rod & Di