24 March 2010

Earthquake relief update

We know you know our guys are working hard down here, but the statistics are in, so we thought we'd pass them along to you. So far, since January 12th, we've:

Completed 283.2 Flight Hours

Made 606 flights (landings)

Carried 935 Passengers

Transported 208,821 Pounds of Cargo

Flown 34,620 Flight Miles

We also recieved another thank you that we'll pass on to you--you too ought to be thanked, for your prayers are ESSENTIAL to this work!! Thanks, guys.

I am not sure if this e-mail will get to the people that I am intending it to but I am going to give it a try. I am an anesthesiologist that practices in Southern California. I was asked to go on a mission’s trip to Haiti after the earthquake because they were very desperate for anesthesiologists. When we went to Haiti MAF was not flying so we had to drive from the Cap Haitian airport to Hinge. At the time I was happy MAF was not flying because I was deathly afraid of small airplanes. We did several surgeries and saw a lot of sad things. We left Hinge on Jan 27th and by that time the MAF was flying again. When the pilots landed to pick us up in Hinge and fly us to Cap Haitian I was overwhelmed with feelings. The first thing the pilots did was shake our hands and say to us," God bless you guys." I am a grown man but the spirit of God welled up so high in me that I felt like crying. Your pilots were so kind, professional, and filled with the Holy Spirit that I literally had no fear of flying in their plane.

I had a great time in Haiti helping the injured people and doing my best to spread the word of God. But, when people ask me what impacted my heart the most I tell them about how awesome the MAF team was. You have a great ministry and may God bless you.

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