12 March 2010

And the banking saga continues...

So last we wrote, we had left the bank with things on the right track...or so we thought. We had ordered our "attestation": proof that we have a banking account in Haiti. Or so we thought. The gal behind the desk told us on Wednesday that it would take 48 hours...we smiled. "Any way to speed that up?" Nope. Even talked to our boss on the phone--she wouldn't budge.

Okay, 48 hours it is...or is it? Dieucon drove us back over there today, only to get the answer: "No papers today." Huh? Oh wait, it's a foreign country. So I put on my pushy expat hat and we tried this again. "Tell her we ordered them on Wednesday." He did. No papers. "Tell her I want to talk to her boss." That did it. After some waiting (because no trip to the bank would be complete without it), we were ushered into a private office and got the scoop.

Nice but bored banker lady: There wasn't enough money in the account to process our paperwork.
Us: Oh? We put in the minimum $10 US.
Nice but bored banker lady: That's right, but the attestation costs $40, and there's not enough money in your account to cover it.
Us: Oh. Well, we've got $40 today, so we'll put more in, and then you can process it.
Nice lady: Okay, you can do that today, and then come back on Monday to sign, and it'll be done on Thursday.
Us: What do we need to bring for that?
Lady: $40 and your official ID.

We smiled. Or at least, the realtor's daughter did..."We have our ID's and our money today...is there any way we could start today?" And lo and behold, there was! Fantastic. It still won't be done until Tuesday, but that's better than nothing.

Please pray that Dieucon will be able to pick it up on Tuesday without a problem, and that we'd be able to proceed with language study and move to Pignon on Monday as scheduled.

With much love and patience from the Lord,



  1. Ah, the joys of banking in a foreign country!

  2. Ah, the joys of banking...period! This sounds so typical of a bank (anywhere), which is why we have stayed with our credit union for so long!!! Praying it will smooth out and you can move as planned. Good job, Realtor's daughter! :) Your Realtor dad will be proud too!

  3. So if I understand correctly, once you get your "attestation" that you have a bank account in Haiti, you'll be able to declare residency. Then, you can change the caption under your blog's map from "Haiti, our future home!" to "Haiti, our new home!" -- Correct?

    We're praying for success in the above endeavor! :-)

  4. Psalm 37:23 (New Living Translation)

    23 The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
    He delights in every detail of their lives.

    Father as You delight in handling the paperwork process for David and Christine, may they delight in watching You work.

    In Jesus' name!!!

  5. Thanks for the prayer, Frank! To answer your question, Dad, getting the attestation allows us to start the residency process...it's one of many papers we need to apply. So having it is a step in the right direction, but just one step of many!