04 February 2010

Stories we love to hear!

Our team is still working hard down in Haiti, though the four guys who stayed originally have now been rotated out to spend time with their families, talk to supporters, and do some counseling as needed. We have some pilots from our training division filling in for the mean time, as well as two pilots from our regular Haiti staff. We got wind of a "thank you" that was written by Cheshire Medical Center, whose medical team flew with us, and wanted to pass it along to you as well.

I cannot express my appreciation, and that of our team, often enough or more sincerely. Will and Mark were incredible. Not only did they deliver us from a place where there were very few exit options, during a national disaster of gigantic proportions, but their assistance once we reached the airport in Port au Prince was amazing. Through the maze of roadblocks, caravans, check points, tent cities and helicopter landings, they handled our passport/exit documents, found where our plane had arrived and got us and our baggage to the waiting jet. Will and Mark are two great guys, who knew exactly what they were doing and went the extra mile for eight strangers. They have our undying gratitude and will be the subjects of "escape from earthquake devastated Haiti" stories forever.

Thank you, Will. Thank you, Mark. Thank you, MAF.

And we thank YOU for praying for this work! What a testimony to this team, and your prayers played a part!

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  1. Aw..that made me tear up! That's exactly what MAF aims to do! What a blessing.