09 February 2010

A new departure date!

Yes--your prayers have been answered! Our new departure date is....(drumroll) March 8th! If you're thinking that sounds familiar, you're right--it's the same as our old departure date! We're not sure if we'll be able to use the same plane tickets or not (MAF's working on that), but the date is set. We are definitely praising God, and very excited to go!

The picture above is of Pignon (peen-yown), where we'll do language school, thanks in part to Haiti Outreach. Currently, the tents are housing refugees from Port-au-Prince.

Please pray for our travel arrangements, the many goodbye's that are beginning, and that we could continue to depend on the Lord during this time of immense change. Please also pray that we'd be able to soak up a lot of Creole during the five months that we're in Pignon!

We'll be setting up some kind of group goodbye, both in Vancouver and in Portland, for those nearby, but if you want to grab us for lunch or dinner, we'd love that, too. Just shoot us an e-mail (it's on our prayer card) or add a comment, and we'll figure something out. :)

Oh, and I found this neat site today with some personal reports from the team in Haiti! Good stuff.

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