20 February 2010

iPods for Haiti

Marc Williams, the son of our program director in Haiti, has been posting some updates on Facebook with video and pictures, and he sent out this message today...if you're looking for a practical way to help, you might pray about this one:

I've done a lot of soul-searching since the earthquake.  Seriously, after you experience something like that you really see how fragile life is and how close to eternity we all are.

People need the Truth, right?
The Word of the Creator God.
The Truth sets free, and where the Spirit of God is there is freedom.
but how can Haiti be set free without hearing His words?

Time is short.
It's really hitting me how little time there is.
I stumbled across this website a while back, and it is awesome.


They give MP3 audio Bibles for free.  The New Testament.
And they have a bunch of languages, including Haitian Creole.

The idea hit me that so many people I know have multiple iPods and MP3 players.....but usually they only use one or two.

So I was thinking, if you or your friends have an extra iPod or MP3 player that you are not using and would like to send it to Haiti.....I can put the New Testament audio Bible on it and then give it to as many Haitians as I can.  They really need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, especially at a time like this.

If you are at a school, perhaps you could make an announcement about this to your entire school, although this is a Christian cause....it might not fly in every school.....

There is definitely a big illiteracy rate here, so an audio Bible works great.

If you have an Ipod, MP3 player, or chargers for either of them that you want to give away, please send them to:

Marc Williams
119 Rickman Drive
Central SC 29630

My pastor is in the states for two weeks of rest and then is coming back.  This is his address.  Make sure to put my name on it though.  He will carry them into Haiti for me.  If you could make sure they are there by March 1st, that way he will get them in time to carry them down here.

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