27 February 2010

Goodbye, R7

We moved yesterday, and I found out a few things. For instance, two of Murphy's Laws of Moving are true:

#1: "Whatever the weather was yesterday, on the day you move, it will rain." True--it poured ALL DAY LONG.
#2: "You will find what you've been looking for six months...and now no longer need." True--we both found things that were "lost."

But I also found out that even if your husband wakes up sick, if you have a strong dad with an SUV and a mom with mad cleaning skills, you can make it work. (David still worked really hard.) And there actually are things about our apartment, temporary though it was, that I will miss...my garbage disposal; proximity to Fred Meyer and the bank; and having two closets (I don't know why it had two, but it meant I had my own...and it was so nice).

Goodbye, R7. It was nice knowing you.

UPDATE: We did get our airline tickets worked out...we leave at 6 AM on March 8th for Florida...and then at 6 AM the next day for Haiti...I am definitely going to need a nap. Please for the prompt, intact arrival of our luggage; grace with each other; peace and comfort for our family and friends, who are understandably sad to be separated from us, for now.


  1. I am so exited for you guys!!!

    Keep on glowing in the dark

  2. It is exciting times indeed. We will be praying for you lots especially this next week.