10 February 2010

A call to prayer

Got this neat update from one of our adult MK's in Haiti (that's missionary kid, for those who need a translation). Please pray for Haiti, on Friday, especially.

hey guys,

there's more life here than ever before. there's a spiritual urgency among the people that i've never seen or felt before. people deeply know that the time is now. for example, in church yesterday after singing "Might to Save" the entire church suddenly burst out clapping for nearly two minutes.
wish i could have recorded it.
people (within the Body of Christ) know now that there really is no life without God. and i've never seen the entire Body pull together so much and do whatever they can to help bring Life to the community and country. it should always be this way regardless of location on the planet.

however, in terms of Haiti overall. the sense many are getting, and rumor on the streets are that this country could dedicate itself in a fuller way to the "things that they believe won them their freedom from the French centuries ago." things not of Christ. there's also rumblings of a possible change of heart among some people in the political offices. a repentance. this could literally change the entire country if the leaders came to Christ. it would have a ripple effect on the people of the country.

Mardi Gras week is coming up, a week not given to the things of God. but, on the flip side, February 12th could literally change the direction of Mardi Gras here. February 12th (this Friday) marks the one month anniversary of the earthquake. there is going to be an all day fast and a day of prayer for Haiti that day.
you are more than welcome to join.
get your churches and youth groups and small groups to join.
fast one meal, or all of them. fast whatever you want to.
but read Isaiah 58 before you do.
what would it look like if the entire Body of Christ on the planet just stopped. humbled ourselves. and called out to God.
what does one country committed to Christ look like?
i can't think of one ENTIRE nation committed to Christ off the top of my head.
could Haiti be that country?

thanks for following. =)


Marc is a young adult MAF MK, working with a church in Haiti before and since the earthquake.

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