19 February 2010

Another thank you!

This was posted on an MAF co-worker's Facebook page--another thank you from the people we serve...and the people you support through prayer. I had to pass it on! Countdown to apartment move-out...7 days...countdown to the big airplane ride...17 days...hard to believe!

Dear Ones, 
Praise the Lord! Prayers offered, prayers heard, prayers answered!! Saturday, MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) was able to get some food donated and fly them out to the little Jeremie airport, with one dirt runway. Sunday afternoon, [the] people of Jeremie, led by the area preachers,…were marching in the streets singing God's praises, please join them in this offering of praise. We ask that you offer prayers of thanksgiving for all of the MAF people and their willingness to help those in need. They have offered to help us again if more food becomes available…

With love,


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