14 January 2010

Quick Haiti update

Right now, the prayers for MAF should include safety, wisdom in planning relief efforts and emergency flights, and strength as they are very tired from traveling and sleeping outside at night. Prayers for Haiti should include a peaceful transition into the relief effort, comfort for those who have lost family and friends, and a quick delivery of medical supplies and basic food, water and housing materials. And above all, we pray that many, many Haitians will turn to Christ with all their hearts because of this.

For us, patience as we wait to hear how this will affect our departure date, and peace, as we long to be where we can be helpful.

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  1. On January 15, the people and children listed below have not contacted their USA relatives yet. Will you please forward the following message on to anyone you know who has contacts in Haiti? thank you for your help.

    ==>"The Ecole Mixte L’Union (Boys and Girls School) of Rue Surin (Surin Street) Petiỏn Ville was founded in 1986 by Pastor Yves Montinard. More than 700 students attend the two session day school. At present the principal is Margella Montinard Rochefort. Yves and Margella’s siblings are among the 15-20 teachers at the school. Their brother James is the pastor of the Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ or Petiỏn Ville.

    Now Pastor Yves with his wife Marie is pastoring the Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ in New Bedford/Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA.which ministers to the growing Haitian community. Yves parents, Pastor Gerard and his wife Enice Montinard have moved to New Bedford to assist in the new church here. For the Christmas season Gerard and Enice went to Haiti to see their children and the church they helped to found where their son James is pastor.

    The senior Montinards were supposed to return Thursday, January 14. Since the earthquake, no word has been received of the whereabouts of Gerard or Enice or anyone connected with the school.

    If anyone has any information regarding the Montinards or the Ecole Mixte L’Union (Boys and Girls School) of Petiỏn Ville please contact Yves Montinard, PO Box 40093, New Bedford, MA 02744, 508-993-9083 or email Pastor Pam Cole, pamelajcole@hotmail.com or 774-328-1490

    We appreciate your forwarding this email to any contacts you have who are working in Haitian earthquake relief. "<==

    Thank you very much.

    In the light,

    The Rev. Pamela J. Cole

    Interim Pastor

    Dartmouth Monthly Meeting of Friends

    594 Smith Neck Road

    Dartmouth, MA 02748