07 January 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane

GREAT NEWS--we have a departure date! We'll be flying out of Portland on March 8th, and we're VERY excited! Nervous, but excited. :) Missionary Flights International, another organization that's based in Fort Pierce, Florida, can fly us and our belongings to Haiti on the 11th, so we'll actually arrive in country on the 11th, God willing. Please pray for wisdom as we pack and try to close up this chapter of our lives.

Our support is at 96% with good prospects to get finished up before we depart. The length of time it took to be raised will probably be exactly what our boss predicted--and that's not accounting for the poor economy. Just further proof that God's resources are unfathomable! He's been so good to us, all the way long. Sometimes, we wondered what He was doing, but He knew. It reminds me of a hymn we sang a few nights ago:

Great things he hath taught us, great things he hath done, 
and great our rejoicing thru Jesus the Son; 
but purer, and higher, and greater will be 
our wonder, our transport, when Jesus we see.

Praise God with us for His faithfulness and provision! And if you want to see us before we leave or just have some encouragement to share as we depart, leave a comment. We're thankful for you, prayer team! And get ready, because the real prayer work is about to begin...

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