18 January 2010

Earthquake update

First of all, it was great to see some of you at Rolling Hills yesterday--thanks to those who stopped us to let us know you're praying for us and for Haiti! We really appreciate it, and it was good to see God moving so many people to care for Haiti.

Here's an article that Michael Broyles, one of our pilots who's there, recommended to help us know more about what's going on there.

There's some good news:
-The wives and kids made it safely to Florida on Friday and spent the weekend debriefing. MAF had a trauma counselor available for them, and housing and cell phones as well. Today, most of them are on their way home to spend time with family. Please pray for safe travels for them.
-They got the satellite phone up and running! It's an inflatable satellite link called a GATR, and it's already been helpful as they try to coordinate with headquarters about what's needed. As part of the relief effort, I'd imagine that we'll make this available to other organizations as well.
-MAF was able to resume flights on Saturday. This is a big praise, because before then, small planes weren't being allowed to take off. On Saturday, they were able to pick up a short-term team from the U.S. in Hinche that'd been stranded and needed to be evacuated. Today, they're going to Jacmel to continue evacuations, as Jacmel was severely damaged in the earthquake. Please pray for the situation in Jacmel, since it's not getting much attention, but still has a lot of need.
-As you can see in the picture, our hangar has become a distribution point for many of the supplies coming in. Four of our guys are hard at work at the airport, processing passengers and supplies. They're receiving nine planes today, I hear. Please pray that our guys would stay hydrated, safe, and that we'd be able to develop a better relationship with the airport authority through this situation.

For those who feel the need to do something:
-Don't forget prayer--it can be powerful and effective.
-MAF has set up a fund for disaster relief: you can get to it here. Thank you to those who have let us know that they've already given to MAF or one of the many other organizations who are helping people in Christ's name in Haiti.
-For information about starting a supply drive, Mission Flights International has set up a page with suggestions and where it can be delivered. Before you do anything, I'd contact them to see what the protocol might be for shipping your items to them--they may be overwhelmed by supplies at the moment. Oh, and Michael also suggested powdered Gatorade and Katadyn Water Purifying Bottles.

As for us, the departure limbo continues, but yesterday was a very encouraging day. When we know something, we'll let you know.

Much love,


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