09 November 2009

Arrival in Colorado

**An aside**: First things first--we found a place to live! Thanks for your prayers--it's in a complex near Mill Plain and 205 in Vancouver, and it seems to be a good place so far. Truthfully, we have yet to spend a night there. But we will!

As soon as we get back from Colorado! After only one canceled flight, we arrived this afternoon, and I have to be honest--the altitude seems to be affecting both of us. Or maybe it was getting up at 3:30 AM for our flight? Whatever the case, it's lovely here, and I think the training's going to be good. But they did spot a cougar outside the building last week...so maybe we'll skip our evening walk. :)

Please pray that we'd be able to learn a lot while we're here and keep up our strength and hydration!

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