23 November 2009

Moving in again

So last Friday marked our first night in our new apartment...I must say, I'd rather be in Haiti, but it's not bad. Older, but pretty quiet. And it has a dishwasher and a washer and dryer (and no, the dishwasher's name isn't David). But there's always that awkward couple of days after you move into a new place, where you're never on auto-pilot. Everything takes brain power. You can't even get a drink without stopping to think about where the glasses are. And there are things you can't anticipate: I burned my hand taking something out of our oven (its door is apparently springloaded). But secretly, I enjoy this phase. Everything's new--I get to decided just where I want things organized. And we hardly have any stuff, because it's all packed away in our shipment. So it's just the stuff we need...and it's nice to be back in our own space, with our own stuff.

One more story: we had NO food, so I had to make an emergency run to Winco Saturday morning...only our internet wasn't hooked up yet, so I didn't know how to get there. I turned down 136th on a complete whim, thinking that I'd missed it and needed to turn around, and suddenly there it was! Only the layout of it was completely backwards from my old Winco, so I was pretty confused the whole time. In the event of a fire, I think I might have died.

Thanks for praying us into this good spot--God's been faithful to provide!



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  1. You make me laugh! Thank goodness there was no fire :) I have that problem at Targets - some of them are backwards, and others seem to be sideways! So confusing.