20 November 2009

Language Training Update

Sorry it's been so long since we've written--they're keeping us quite busy here in Colorado! We're at Mission Training International, participating in their language acquisition program. Basically, we're learning how to make sounds that English doesn't use. For instance, we've learned how to say this: "p". Yeah, I bet you had no idea that sound even existed. Let me tell : your mouth is wonderfully made. It can potentially make over a million different vowel sounds. We know, because we feel like we've made them all in the past two weeks! We've been drilling in different "non-English" sound daily, as well as trying out some techniques with a language helper. They're teaching us how to self-direct our language learning process--something very different than David and I experienced in high school when we learned German! But we've been amazed by how quickly we've learned things already, and we're excited to go home and start to practice some of what we've learned!

-For Dwight and Barbara and all the staff here at MTI here in Colorado--getting to know them has been the highlight of our trip! We pray that the Spirit would teach us how to emulate their faithfulness and joy.
-That we've learned some good tools, techniques and new sounds.
-For the new relationships with other missionaries we've formed here--God's got some awesome people in His kingdom.

-Safe travel home tonight.
-That'd we'd be able to retain and put into practice what we've learned here.
-That we would have wisdom as we continue to pack and inventory our "stuff."

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