21 September 2009

Something un-airplane related

There's an old saying that you don't know what you've got until it's gone. I'm not willing to wait for that--but I got a taste of it, being in Portland, away from David for 11 days. So this one's for you, babe (but since it's a blog, everyone else can feel free to eavesdrop). With everything that's wrong in the world, I'm so blessed to be best friends with a man whose heart is after God and His glory. You truly live up to your namesake--I know better than anyone that you're not perfect, but I'm proud of you and grateful that I get to spend my life with you. Being away from you just reminds me of what a funny, insightful, attentive man you are--not to mention a great listener, problem-solver, and a handsome face.

How's that for a non-airplane post, honey? :) Praise God with me for David. He's the best. God willing, I'll fly back to Boise tomorrow, to be with him again! Please pray for safe travels.

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