16 September 2009

The Portland Report

At this moment, there's at least 429 miles between my wonderful husband and I--I'm in Portland this week, continuing to try to build our ministry team, and it's going pretty well! I've even made some new contacts and had some new ideas for events that we could do. Thanks for your prayers! Please pray for David to be safe in flight and not to be lonely while I'm gone. Please also pray for wisdom for me, regarding extending my trip--I might have the chance to do another meeting, but I'd have to change my flight.

Also, we wanted to let you all know that after much debate, MAF/we decided to push back our departure date to March. Thanks for your prayers for wisdom on this--we won't pretend it's not disappointing, but as we always say, "My times are in Your hands." Haiti will still be there when our support is raised!

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