11 August 2009

In Idaho!

Well, we have arrived in Idaho for standardization (flight/maintenance) training. So far, the flight ground school is going well. There are only two people in the class, so one cannot blame class size for any lack of learning. And I am the only person who needs to do the maintenance portion. My compadre, who is from Switzerland, is a pilot only.

Also, we had a good trip to Wisconsin to see some of Christine's family. The weather was excellent. The only thunderstorm we had delayed our flight back to Idaho, causing us to miss our connection. But we made it, and that is what counts.


  1. Nice slow-shutter panning shot of the Delta! I assume you took that from your on-the-ground airplane window, so it's especially impressive due to your narrow angle of view. :-)

  2. I actually took it from the terminal.