27 June 2009

Our Last Night

After a long day of packing, it feels good to sit down...I got up at six this morning to get an early start, while David was at the men's prayer group at church. (He helped out a lot the rest of the day.) We got most things packed--just a few things left for the morning.

The house is empty, and yet, all day, I've been re-living the last two years we've lived here...mostly finding out how many things I start without finishing. "Oh, hey, here's the cross-stitch I started during Spring Break...here's that book I was going to read...here's the gift I was looking for...here's the plant I killed (ooh)...here's those papers I meant to file...here's the food I was going to donate." I think it's more depressing than moving to find out that I'd conveniently forgotten all these tasks! Seriously, what kind of household am I running here?

But really, moving isn't as depressing as I thought it'd be. I've been surprised--the "older" I get, the more pathetically weepy I become about change and transition. Today, the tears haven't come. But then again, there's always tomorrow. :) Maybe it's because I am really looking forward to living in Haiti, as weird as that sounds, and this feels like a step forward.

Please pray for our move tomorrow! Pray for safety (unlike last time, when we broke Kathy's ankle); for enough helping hands to come; for a smooth transition and good communication between David and I as we become somewhat homeless for the moment; for wisdom about what to give away and who to give it to.

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