23 April 2009

Pure Joy

We went to Wednesday night service at Calvary Chapel last night, as we often do. And halfway through potluck (this church loves to eat), a new guy walked in. He's a new believer, and later on, we got to chatting. His joy was so contagious--sometimes, I think I forget how amazing our relationship with God really is. When you haven't had it, you don't forget. He's hungry: he's spending three hours a day reading the Bible, because he can't put it down. And he knows now how broken his family is...the sin that he'd convinced himself was all right, he suddenly can't stand.

Praise God with us for this new believer's peace with God--and pray with us for many, many such new believers in Haiti.

1 comment:

  1. You mean "Calorie" Chapel?!? ;-)
    Yes, I'm going to the Hillsboro one so I can crack the joke :-)

    Bunch of good people... well, at least sanctified ones!

    And yeah, I hear you about the freshness and contagiousness and almost unbridled enthusiasm of newer believers. The hunger. Makes you realize how easy it is to become complacent....

    God bless you guys!