26 March 2009

Spokane trip recap

This is the church we spoke in: Grace Church. It's in Deer Park, just north of Spokane. Quite honestly, I've never felt more warmly received by strangers--they were so pleased to have us, and we were pleased to be there! It was great to get to know the Body there and worship with them for the day.

Obligatory aircraft picture. :)

This is Max. He was the first one to greet us at the Bigley's house, where we stayed. They fed us and let us crash with them and were very patient with all our coming and going--we were very grateful!

It's still winter in Spokane! We were happy to come home to Vancouver, where things are indeed springing open into full bloom more and more all the time. A safe trip, and hopefully a fruitful one!

Please pray that the contacts we made in Spokane would be fruitful, not only financially for our ministry, but also in our relationships with them and in God's glory.

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