13 January 2009

We're in!

Yes, that's right--as of today, January 13th, 2009, we have been accepted with Mission Aviation Fellowship for service in Latin America!! (Most likely, Haiti.) We're surprised, because they only have a few bases in Latin America--we had thought that it might be more likely we'd be assigned to Indonesia or Central Asia, so we hadn't thought much about Haiti. But there is deep spiritual need there--case in point, voodoo is the official religion. So we know there's plenty to do there in terms of serving the people and missionaries there. It is also a desperately poor country--80% of the people live in poverty. Hurricanes come through often which can devastating to the already poor country.

We're excited and praising God that He's confirmed this direction and allowed us to be part of spreading the Gospel in Haiti! We invite you to continue along with us on the journey--Haiti is not an easy place to live, and we will continue to covet your love, prayers, and support!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so excited for the two of you (and proud of you)!
    Love you both! Mom Harms

  2. We are very proud of both of you and happy that you are able to achieve your dream.
    Grandpa & Grandma

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming journey.

    Scott Springer

  4. Thanks for the update. This is exciting news indeed!

  5. Congratulations!!!