10 January 2009


Our first Saturday in Nampa has been lovely. Mostly, we caught up on sleep, watched the playoffs (go Ravens), made peanut butter cookies, and took a long walk to avoid cabin fever. Really, that's sort of a normal Saturday, even though we're in our "home away from home." It was a blessing to have some down time, even though we're enjoying our classes.

Prayer requests: David is battling a nasty cold which has turned into a cough which keeps him awake at night. Please pray for his healing (and that I won't get it!). Please also pray for peace for us, as the committee works on their placement/acceptance decisions on Monday.

Tomorrow, we get to visit a Romanian church, and we're looking forward to getting to know the believers there. As always, thanks to those who pray faithfully for us, and to those who have expressed their love and encouragement--we need all we can get!

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