20 January 2009

Ministry Partnership, Day 1

Well, we made it--and that means it's time to do our part to raise funds for MAF! Yesterday was our first official day of ministry partnership seminar. It was good--they'd given us a book to read, so we went over it (of course, we left ours at home, but we remembered it pretty well). I was really appreciating what a Biblical foundation they use--they're definitely not after the "hard sell"! They really want us to be able to gather a group of people who "partner" with us--financially, in prayer, or just as encouragers. And we partner with them, too, by communicating what's going on in Haiti and encouraging them that the Lord's at work there.

But there was a LOT more homework than Candidacy!! David and I spend about 6 hours yesterday working on the first eight minutes of our presentation. It's good to have MAF's help with it, but boy, I was exhausted at the end of the day. Better to work hard now and have a good presentation later, though. :)

So despite being a little overwhelmed, things are going well. Praise God with us that David is feeling better--your prayers were heard!! Please pray for strength, focus, good communication, and lots of patience between us. Pray that we'd be able to build a presentation that shares our heart for the people of Haiti and our love for God. Pray that we'd stay close to Him in this busy time, finding Him to be our source.

We love you guys and miss you! Thanks for your prayers--they are heard!

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