06 January 2009

Candidacy Day 2

Another good day. We got to do a Skype-like conference with the regional director for Eurasia, who's in a time-zone 13 hours ahead of ous--it was really cool and really interesting information. We're learning about where MAF is hoping to head in the future as well as where they've been in the past. Much of their focus right now is on becoming MAF International; they're merging the many distinct nationally-based MAF's into one so that their resources can be used better. It's an exciting time, and yet we have to laugh--it seems to be our destiny to join organizations in transition! (The most notable example being Moody.) We got to watch a lot of videos today, some of which were taken by pilots who are on the field now. It's encouraging to see how God is using them, and to see how they have made it through this somewhat nerve wracking process.

We meet with the candidate committee tomorrow to update them on what we've been up to since our technical evaluation and express any preferences we have for our field assignment. Please pray for wisdom for us and favor with MAF, if this is the Lord's will for us. As always, please pray that we would faithful represent Christ, even among fellow Christians, and glorify Him in all that we do.

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