05 January 2009

Candidacy Day 1

Well, we had our first day of Candidacy today. We heard from several different people, and it was all good information. One of my favorite parts was a video about MAF's history...it's always humbling to me how people who are obedient to God can start something bigger than even they realize at the time. It was really just a handful of people who loved God and had the ability to fly. Also, they had funny stories about trying to home school 6 children while their husbands were gone for 9 months.

We also got to hear from John Boyd, MAF's president. What a godly man--just meeting him, you instantly feel that he cares about you and is ready to support your call to missions, wherever it may lead. Based on his testimony, he is a man who truly knows what grace is, given the kind of life he led before he believed in Christ.

We've been getting to know our fellow candidates as well. There's five families in all, and we're the only ones without children. It's truly incredible to hear about all the different paths God has led people on to arrive at the same destination--you'd hardly believe the stories we've heard! But God has led them here, and he's led us here, whatever the outcome may be.

We find out if we're accepted on Tuesday next--please pray for our committee meetings, that they would be a true reflection of our hearts and a time of encouragement and direction for MAF and for us.

Thanks for all your prayers!

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